Klenteng Petak Sembilan, Glodok

Main Temple

Klenteng means Chinese temple where you can pray to many God or Goddess in the temple. One of the oldest temple in Jakarta is Klenteng Petak Sembilan. It’s located in China Town, Glodok – Jakarta Pusat ^^. It’s not a big temple and you have to go through some alleys to get here. My aunt and I got lost many times just to get here by car fiuuuh… We went through Kemurnian Street no. IV and ask people ^^;; The road is too narrow to go through by two cars… Luckily, the one who drive is my uncle, I should be very stressfull if I had to drive in this place >__<


Finally we find the temple… First impression about this temple is there are many beggars at the front gate of the temple and there are a lot of people praying in this temple. There are three building in this area, the main temple is located on the inner side of the area. I don’t know about the other two building, but I saw that some people is praying on those building.

Ornament in the temple

That day is “Sembahyang Rebutan” Event. For this day, we are praying for the lost souls or our ancestors. You will find a lot of people praying on the main temple. A lot of smoke from the incense filled the room… Oh no…the smoke causes a pain on my eyes and sometimes makes me cry. You can buy a package of incense, red candle and a pieces of paper act as a money for Rp.51,000.- for 3 packages.

You will need 3 incenses to pray for every God or Goddess. You can find Kwan Kong, Boddhisatva, Kwan Yin, Earth God even the people who take care for the temple and have passed away a long time ago. A Buddhist song can be heard in all of the room. Well…not much to be written for this temple but I enjoy praying here ^^


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